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Claudio is a fantastic person, and very competent. He can see the motorcyclist inside the block of marble, like Michaelangelo, and a little blunt here and a correction there, voilà, the motorcyclist is freed. He will certainly find a way to explain even the things you just can’t understand. The difference between knowing how to ride a motorbike well and being able to pass this knowledge on to others, this is him. So if you are new to or even experienced in the motorcycle world, and you want to learn or improve your safe riding technique in the midst of wild traffic today, Claudio is the right person. Two days under his guidance, and you will make crazy progress, even if you have some fear that stops you and keeps you from riding the two wheels smoothly. Trying is believing, I will always be grateful for the time you dedicated to us this weekend. Thanks claudio ✌🏻❤️🏍

Alessandra, Safe Rider on Tour course, September 2022

Competence, sympathy and a lot of experience made the course with Claudio Angeletti a wonderful experience and an opportunity to grow in riding and motorcycle knowledge. A two day course that was useful to clarify all those doubts I had as a beginner. Very useful and highly recommended. Thanks again Claudio.

Katya, Safe Rider on Tour Course, September 2022

I did the one day course for the first time last Saturday, since I’m still a newbie, I needed to acquire a little more confidence in riding a motorcycle … since I got my license I have always ridden my motorcycle with a lot of insecurity and a little bit of anxiety, so I decided to take the course, sure that it would help me a lot… and in fact it did 🙂 Claudio was a really good instructor, we had a really nice day! The first part of the day was dedicated to the theory and implementation of some fundamental techniques to acquire more safety and control of the vehicle, in the second part of the day we roamed around the Castelli Romani where I was able to gain more confidence with the curves… there I swear I would have continued for hours😄 I felt more and more at ease and much calmer than before, I gained more self-confidence and felt I was much more in tune with my bike. I really recommend anyone to take a driving course, especially beginners like me, because it really changes our perspectives…I had entered a loop of obsessions that were only due to insecurity (which is very normal for those starting from zero) but I risked being intimidated more and more, instead one day was enough to unlock me and feel much more serene. Now I can’t wait to get on the bike again😄 Thanks again Claudio, I think we’ll see you again very soon😊

Carolina, Personal Rider Course, August 2022

Incredibly profitable day with Claudio, an expert instructor who is attentive in calibrating the course based on the level of the participant. Excellent theoretical basis on motorbike physics, targeted exercises in a closed and safe place, lots of practice on twisty routes where you can try according to the feedback received. At the end of the day, in a completely natural way, we became more aware motorcyclists from every point of view. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, beginner or not, who wants to refine their driving technique and learn to always travel safely while having fun 😃

Matteo, Personal Rider course, September 2020

I did the course with Claudio Angeletti last Saturday and I must say that he is truly TOP. I didn’t think you could learn so much in one day, but instead a new world opened up to me. Claudio’s passion goes beyond work, he identifies with you and follows you step by step, truly amazing. I’ve known another world, before for me the bike was only straight, but now I can’t wait to tackle every bend, leaning, with the right techniques and above all without fear of falling. It is important to know what the bike is like before riding it. I would recommend this course to any amateur. Thanks Claudio.

Giorgio, Personal Rider Course, October 2019

Today I spent a fantastic day with Claudio Angeletti, I learned a lot about motorcycle riding techniques, I was able to put these notions into practice on suitable roads with little traffic and lots of curves, of all types. Claudio’s courtesy and professionalism made the day even more enjoyable. I recommend this course to all people who want to gain more confidence in riding a motorcycle.

Lucio, Personal Rider Course, September 2019

Fantastic and fundamental experience lived together with my partner Cinzia, and with five other very nice and very excited bikers. The two instructors Claudio Angeletti and Claudio Olivieri demonstrated all their technical and didactic competence, accompanied by to so much professional sensitivity and great sympathy. I can’t fail to thank Claudio Angeletti in particular who, didn’t hesitate to ride my bike with me as a passenger to directly show me the correct technique. In conclusion, if so far your question has been: why on earth should I take a driving course? From now on it will have to be: why have I never taken a driving course??? Do it!!… It’s important… And of course with SafeRiders!!

Giorgio, Corso Rider, April 2017

I thank god for having found you this weekend, you have all given me a lot, both for the personal aspect and for the theoretical-practical one, which is what you aim for and in which despite my first experience, therefore as an absolute neophyte , I must say that I have truly found a great competence which, combined with your attention to detail and your evident and absolute passion, makes you truly a well-matched group and ready for any situation, therefore in my certificate for you my evaluation is EXCELLENT because you can always improve.
[…]And you have all been GREAT teachers to me

Diego, Corso Rider, May 2015

A wonderful day on the motorbike, between twists and turns and wonderful landscapes, in the company of Claudio Angeletti of Saferiders, a great motorcyclist and a great teacher. A safe driving course that gave me so much in terms of awareness of the vehicle and of myself. I highly recommend it to all motorcyclist friends, forget the fancy mirrors […], the posh fairing, the set of ergal screws and for once invested in safety, treat yourself to one of the Safe Riders courses, at least you will have a lot of fun!

Mauro, Personal Rider Course, April 2014,

A beautiful day on two wheels where I began to learn many important, indeed I would say vital, things.

Massimiliano, Safe Riders Day Course, November 2013

what I particularly liked about this course was the 1:1 relationship with the instructor, whom I sincerely thank for his patience and ability to listen, even when the motorcycle dissertations drifted off topic. I thank him for making me understand where I was wrong and why, even going so far as to ride my bike, for showing me that it works very well, if I give it the right indications. It is a “tailored” course, in the sense that I always felt exactly within the measure of my abilities and never above or below the natural pace that I didn’t know I had. Indeed, it was Claudio, from time to time, who encouraged me to increase my work when he deemed it necessary.
The best moment? On my way back, when I was alone again and I caught myself smiling happily inside my helmet. And Driving for the first time.

Cristina, Personal Rider Course, November 2013

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