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Safe Riding Courses

In our courses we teach behaviors, trajectories, and techniques that allow motorcyclists and scooter riders of any level to master their vehicle under any circumstances and to enjoy a dynamic, fluid, and safe riding on the road.

Personal Rider

Our Personal Rider course is is tailored to each student and therefore is perfect for everyone.

  • Beginners will quickly learn how to get a smooth and safe ride on every route.
  • Experienced riders will further refine their long-time riders skills, acquiring new techniques that will allow them to get greater safety and high-level effectiveness.

It is for individuals or small groups, can last one or two days, based on the pupil’s needs and objectives, lasts about 5-6 hours a day and can be carried out in place and on dates to be agreed directly with your Safe Riding Instructor.

The basic elements of our courses, developed taking into account not only the technical contents, but also the psychological aspects of learning, are the following:

  • a theoretical introduction which provides the essential notions of motorcycle dynamics and riding technique;
  • the check of the correct riding position and body movements;
  • at least one training session on a traffic-free area, to put into practice some fundamental safety manoeuvres;
  • for those who are not absolute beginners, a long driving session on urban or extra-urban roads suitable for the student’s level, where the constant support of the Instructor allows you to put the theoretical notions into practice and learn the safety trajectories, the main techniques for the motorcycle control in the different situations, and the analysis of the conditions of the road surface and the surrounding environment.

The instructor and the student communicate via radio while driving. We use devices with earphones, for the use of which no installation in the helmet is required. The headset is obviously washed and disinfected before each course. The use of radios is included in the cost of the course.


The following prices are for courses starting from Rome area.

Personal Rider 1 day € 290.00
Personal Rider 2 days € 490.00

We also provide courses outside Rome, adding travel costs, which depend on the distance and duration of the course.

It is also possible to deliver the course to a maximum of 5 people, provided that all students have more or less the same driving level, adding € 50.00 each

For more info and booking, please contact us here.

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